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GoPro Hero 8 240fps no audio

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can anyone help me with this. im having trouble recording on 240fps. whenever i try to record video there's no audio on playback, may it be on gopro, pc or phone.

and on other FPS the sound doesn't play or get recorded right away. is this some kind of item defect or what?

ps: my gopro is on latest update. v1.60 and i use SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 64GB as my sd card



*first clip on the video is the 240fps, 2nd clip was 4k 60fps.

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Re: GoPro Hero 8 240fps no audio

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A screen shot of your video editor isn't going to be much help.  What you need to do is this:


Make a very short clip of you recording in any frame rate that gives you the audio delay issue

Make another very short clip of you recording @ 240FPS


Upload the raw, unedited clips (as in directly from your memory card) to YouTube and post the links here.  That way we can see the clips and what the issue is.  Also it's a good test, if the clips play back on YouTube with no issues, then you could have a software issue with your video editor. 


Make sure you aren't trying to edit the clips while they are on the camera itself, the USB connection isn't fast enough as it bottle necks through the camera, this also applies to cheaper USB hard drives and SD card readers.  Instead make sure the clips are copied over to your PC to the fastest drive you have (so possibly the internal SSD) before you edit them.