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GoPro Hero 7 problems with the lens

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unfortunately while exploring my pictures from GoPro I realized that when I am taking them in front of the sun there is a transparent/green circle that appears in the pictures (depends on the angle of the light). It's quite annoying given that while skiing or hiking I am quite exposed to such conditions. I am adding the sample pictures when the problem can be seen. There are not any issue with the lens protection.


Looking forward to hearing any possible solutions to this problem!



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Re: GoPro Hero 7 problems with the lens

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the lens has about 8 layers, the  reflection is off the lens t o the Sensor, the part that we all pay for is when we use Hypersmooth it really bounces around.   you can not really get rid of it but  avoid shooting  whe nteh Sun is in front and set low. you can try a lens  hood or a lens  filter  you may try to lower  in protunes the settings but it wil be  there.  Hero 6 was not at all this annoying the Hero 7 it really shows.