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GoPro Hero 7 or GoPro Fusion

Greetings Everyone,
The last couple of days I’ve been trying to decide weather to get a GoPro Hero 7 or GoPro Fusion. I like the Fusions 360 Video but I’m not sure how polished the software is. Also, I’m a vlogger so I’m wondering if I can record video regularly with the Fusion like on the Hero 7. I don’t always want to have the 360 function on. Also how do the apps compare on both and the connection process? Thanks
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 or GoPro Fusion

If you're looking to make quick edited videos and upload them then go with the GoPro Hero 7.  If you're looking to make something more visually impressive but are also willing to dedicate the rendering time and then subsequent editing time to them, then go with the GoPro Fusion.  


With the Fusion, you'll really want a very fast laptop/pc with a large hard drive, lots of ram, a powerful processor, running Windows 10.. and that's just to render 360 footage (I spent close to $2000 on my own setup and already I need another 8TB hard drive just for file storage).  After that to edit the footage (if you want active pans/zooms etc), you're going to have to pony up $20+ per month to use Adobe Premier to edit the footage.  So the Fusion really is an investment more than anything.


So do your research before buying, I find the software (app) is very lacking (can only do 33 second clips on Android) and the desktop software can be buggy (I just did a timelapse and can't render it as the software keeps crashing).  However for other clips it's worked great for me.  I love shooting with the GoPro Fusion, however I also have a number of other GoPro's as backups just in case something doesn't work out.