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GoPro Hero 7 black GPS issue

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Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some issues with the GPS on the gopro hero 7. Having done some cycling this holiday I was curious to the speeds and height differences made. GPS was on and the white symbol on the screen was on for half an hour already. Connecting the camera to the phone (GoPro app) the app said: ''GPS only'' when trying to add the gauges. Coming home I imported all video's using the most recent version of Quik, but it turned out all video's had the same issue. For the first 3-4 seconds the overlays work great, seeing a good and realistic speed. However after 3-4 seconds the gauges freeze and the speedometer stays at whatever speed it was. For the remainder of the video my speed was displayed as 20kph even though I stopped and had multiple slower corners. This is strange since the GPS in the GoPro seems to be working (First seconds are displayed correct) but can't find out what might be wrong. Hope anyone can help out.



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Re: GoPro Hero 7 black GPS issue

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That's uncommon. Was the camera mounted under some object that obstructed the signal? Was it upside down? I would go to and visualize the GPS data with a Fix setting of "Any" and a Precision of 10000, to see if the data makes sense or not. Let me know how that goes and I can maybe provide more advice