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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

The white and silver will probably have Ambarella chips as these are much cheaper than SocioNext. The certification only pointed to the white and silver having the same Bluetooth as the Hero6.

As far as sales, I really don't know, and neither do you. Speculation is all that it is. I live in a tourist area so I get people all the time commenting on my GoPro cameras and expressing desire to get one. I don't think they care if the Hero7 is leaps and bounds above the Hero6. Most people I speak to have no idea if the differences between a Hero, Hero5 and Hero6. Most just say, "I want to get a GoPro".

I think, as far as the presentation is concerned, the Hero7 looks much better than the current Hero6, Hero5, Hero lineup. That same person who just wants to get a GoPro now has a clean and easier to understand presentation. And, this new lineup is much easier to sell.

If your not quite sure how your going to use the camera but have always wanted a GoPro, get the white. If you like it but decide you need more options down the road, GoPro offers a great trade up program. If you know what your going to use it for, but don't want to spend all the money in the Black, there is the Silver. It's a great camera and takes awesome video. But, to be honest, a lot of people start of happy with the Silver but after a few months really regret not getting all the awesome features of the Black. Better to spend a little more today and still be happy a year from now than the save a little today and be spending more on an upgrade a year from now.

Another smart, yet somewhat sneaky thing GoPro did with the Hero7 is take away the removable protective lens from the Silver and White. Once that lens is scratched up, the consumer will have to decide if they want to go budget (potentially getting a scratched lens again) or just get the premium camera that will last with it's replaceable protective lens. I'm sure this want the only reason, as there are way to many people who don't understand the protective lens, it's purpose, and how to replace it. Fixing it on the camera saves CS the calls and returns when fog or a water drop got behind the perfective lens.

When GoPro did the budget Hero cameras it was too confusing. There was Hero4 Black without screen, Hero4 Silver with screen (which sold much better than the Black since LCD and price was more important to consumers than resolution/frame rate), Hero, Hero+, Hero+LCD and Hero4 Session. It was a complete cluster fk.

When GoPro did the Hero lineup it worked very well. Hero3 Black was premium, Hero3 Silver for those who wanted more resolution frame rate but couldn't afford the Black, and Hero3 White for those on the fence (people who wanted a GoPro but weren't quite sold on spending the money).

Hero4 screwed up because they made the Silver more desirable. You can't upsell someone to a higher priced product if your pitch includes, "but it doesn't have this feature (LCD) like the mid priced camera". The goal with the three priced products is to sell the mid ranged product the least. Upsell to the premium and hook those on the fence about buying at all with the lowest priced product. The last thing GoPro should want is for the Hero7 Silver to be the best seller. If marketed correctly, the Black should be there number one seller, then white and finally Silver. Even if the ranking goes White (high volume sales), Black (Most value sales), and then Silver, they will make money.

But, here is the thing. I like GoPro and hope they make a ton of money. Good for them if they do. However, at the end of the day, why should I, or you, really care? For the sake of future products? I'll do my part. I'll buy their cameras, but whether GoPro grows to be a huge tech giant or withers away, there will still be future products. If not by GoPro, then someone else. Why all of this discussion on whether GoPro is making sound business decisions? Why are you bothering to try and count GoPro's money?

If you want to talk products, I'm down. If you want to talk stocks, I participate in those forums as well. But, I try to remember which forum I'm on and keep the conversation relevant to post. And this isn't an investing forum, is it? In case anyone has forgotten, this topic is the Hero7 and speculation on when it will be released.

GoPro is a very volatile stock and there are many people heavily invested in shorting the stock. It's VERY important to them that the price of GoPro stock goes down. I see them all the time participating in investment forums and then again, posting the same nonsense on YouTube videos and forums like this. They not only want GoPro to fall, they need it to fall. Their entire livelihood depends on it.

And so, these people come to forums and social media and present like they are just a consumer of the product. A few comments here and there but always trying to sow seeds of doubt in other members minds. When they get push back, that's usually when you really see their true colors. Suddenly they recount company history, other competing products, how the company is failing and almost always include some comment on, "This is why the stock is in the toilet".

Yes, there are plenty of opinions out there. So many wise people. I'm always just left wondering, if these people so clearly have all the answers, if they know exactly what camera will sell and which will not, and so many who know precisely what can and can't be engineered and developed... Why is it we are discussing GoPro cameras and not THEIR camera?

It's crazy to think about how many poorly run companies are selling such badly designed products, when there clearly are so many geniuses filling nearly every tech forum and comment sections of almost every major brand. If only these companies knew what talent was available.
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?



2015 - 6,6 million Gopro cameras sold.


2017 - 4,3 mill Gopro cameras sold.


2018 - ? Less than 4mill is certainly possible.


This is due to consumers not buying new cameras in general. A lot has a Gopro in the drawer allready. "My life is not like a launch video." Most have gone to mobile phones, which is not suprisingly as these are both water proof, have stabilization, shot 4K and are always with you. Not to mention that the camera tech is rapidly improving here with multiple lenses, panormas, a ton of effects, etc.


Hero5 -> rebranded as Hero(2018) -> rebranded as Hero7 White?


The Hero7 lineup only demonstrates that this brand is not willing to give us anything more than they are forced to. 


This time (again) the hardware is basically the same as last year (this year for the WHITE as the Hero2018 is barely 6 months old).

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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

Agreed. My phone can shoot 1000fps and yet GoPro still limits it's cameras year after year.

It's onlybdown from here I think.
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

The argument of will we the owners of a old gopro buy the new unit is only one part of the story.

Every years new kids turn 18 or people start a new job and have the money to buy a camera they want or need, familys take vacations go on adventures

Selfie sticks are banned at 99% of amusement parks
But strapping your gopro to a chest harness or your cap is ok

Swiming in the ocean with your phone ..laughing

Gopro makes a action camera thats small and fits in places other cameras cant go thats what they do.

Everyone wants to pick stuff apart these days, if you don't like what gopro is doing fine move on and let people who still have a passion for a product they care about enjoy it.

Im looking forward to a new camera, new toys are always fun....

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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

Any tips for my 401 retirement fund?
Seriously, how is this relevant?


And, that helmet with the camera on top is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. It's like putting a freaking sail on top. Enjoy the high winds grabbing that thing and whipping your neck around

Anyway, I'm sure you're a real marketing and financial genius with the engineering skill to produce better products @agilestoke40735

Armchair coaches is all you are.

But again, why are making this about GoPro sales and profits? Why should anyone of us be concerned with counting GoPro's money?

This post is about the Hero7 and speculation on when it will come out. You can't be that daft as to think the GoPro Support community has somehow morphed into your own financial forum. Instead, I think you are just spewing your usual BS and GoPro dissing nonsense. Lame.
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

Great post..
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

Daniel I think you've overreacted not a little, but a LOT.

People are discussing the price of the Hero 7 and commenting on why it's not worth that. Then speculating how the Hero 7 may affect sales.

Note how many times I wrote Hero 7 there. People are not far off topic. If this topic was purely about release date then it would be closed by now.

Instead people are using this forum as an area to discuss the camera, and I think that's great as there are few other places to do that right now.

I personally would rather GoPro had kept the price at $499 for the Hero 7 and added the features people actually want.
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Release Date?

Do we even know the prices yet...

Have any of the New features been confirmed?

We don't even have a official release date..