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GoPro Hero 7 HDMI firmware issue

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I have a problems with my GoPro Hero 7 that seems to be a firmware update.
I have one GoPro Hero 6 and a GoPro Hero 7. The Hero 6 works in HDMI modes MEDIA, MONITORand LIVE without problems. It takes almost 18 seconds in a Sansumg TV to present the image and takes 2 seconds in a DELL computer monitor . But always works without problems.
But the GoPro Hero 7 have problems.
After take some videos from GOPRO Hero 7, I need to connect twise times the camera to the Sansumg TV using the HDMI cable to get the library of photos and videos. And when I trying to navigate across the captures (photos or videos) many times the camera freezes .
Each time I connect the GoPro 7 to the Sansumg TV, it takes 18 to 20 seconds and then the GoPro screen blink one time. Each two times I get image (the second, 4th, 6th connections it takes the TV image). The first, 3th, 5th connection  do not produce image on TV, but always there is one  blink on the GoPro 7 screen. After 7 times of re-connections the camera always freezes.
In the cases when the GoPro do not send image to the TV I can open the GoPro APP in my iphone connect to the GoPro without problems and I can control and switch the camera to LIVE video, photo, modes and the the Sansumg TV begins to shows me the real time image on it.
It means that the HDMI harware is woking fine and  seems to be a firmware update problem.
Each time I connect the GoPro 7 to the DELL monitor I have image after 2 seconds, But the camera freezes if I connect it more than 4 to 5 times.
In the case of GoPro 6 in HDMI MEDIA mode it shows me the frames of each capture (photos and movies) and a menu in the right part of the screen.

The GoPro 7 shows me (when works) only the frames of captures and never the menus. Does it need update?
When the Hero 7 freezes I need to keep the power button ON for 10 seconds to reset it.
Using both GoPro 6 and Go Pro 7 in HDMI MONITOR/LIVE mode works without problems, but after 6 or 7 re-connections the GoPro 7 usually freezes.