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GoPro Hero 7 Black - video edits - zoom or cropping very blurry

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GoPro Hero 7 Black - when editing video of my kid's baseball games in Quick, I zoom in (or crop in) to show a closer look at a play, hit or pitch...but the video gets very blurry. Is there a setting or method to shooting or editing so when I zoom or crop in while editing the video doesn't go to crap?

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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black - video edits - zoom or cropping very blurry

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It's going to depend on several key factors such as what resolution you're shooting in, if you have protune enabled (for a higher bit rate and better quality) and most importantly, your distance from the subject.


GoPro's are great for capturing close up action or even getting scenic shots that encompass vast scenery.  But if you're trying to zoom in on something in particular, your only going to be able to crop and use a digital zoom on your footage.  This immediately results in loss of quality.  


So the higher the quality you can record in, the more you will be able to zoom and crop when you edit photo's or video.  However your limited by what the camera can do and the further you are away from your subject the more loss of quality you'll get trying to zoom in on them.


So try recording in 4K with Protune enabled or getting closer to the subject.  However if you're going to be far away then nothing beats using a camera with a good optical zoom lens.