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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black freezes file explorer

I'm using Windows 10 and have no problem with transfering files via Quik for desktop from my Hero 7 Black.


Can I suggest that with the GoPro (make sure it's ON) still connected to the PC, open up Device Manager (you can search this via the magnifying glass icon in Windows), and look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers". There should be one under this tree with an exclamation mark and proceed to uninstall or delete it.

You may then scan for hardware changes by right clicking on the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" to reinstall the drivers.


If there is no exclamation mark, you may need to do it manually locate the USB port driver where the GoPro is tied to. You can turn it the GoPro on and off, and the USB will disappear and reappear. Delete the affected driver. Rescan for hardware changes to reinstall the driver.


This should work. Good Luck!

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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black freezes file explorer



today I had problem with files explorer but while I was looking at my file in the camera. I have 3 clips, when I look at the last one and finished I swiped it and after clip the last clip was nothing, my camera freezed with black screen. I push and keep ON/OFF button for 20 sec and camera was restarted. 


Happend first time, sd card was with camera, for sure correct.