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GoPro Hero 7 Black Problem

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Good morning my name is David, I'm from Peru


I'm trying to reach you by phone number, but there isn't one for Peru


Yesterday my GoPro started to switch modes when it was underwater at the pool

and now after christmas dinner when I took my last picture, it started to work bad


It turns on, it charges but it seems that the lens doens't work or my screen then when 

I tried to change modes, it freezes and then I can't do anything.


Please I need some help


My Serial No C3281324556943

GoPro Hero 7 Black



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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black Problem

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I charged to a 100% nothing works

I tried to use my GoPro App on my iPhone but it shows nothing


Now is heating itself and nothing work

I need some help or some number to call please.



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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black Problem

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Sorry to hear about the trouble, @foggystar08427. If you have not done it yet, try manually updating the camera firmware (even if the camera may already have the latest one). A manual update will help clear out any possible error with the current installation. There are steps here to guide you. Should the issue persist after the update, let our Support team help. You may reach them by phone or chat through . Best regards!