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GoPro Hero 7 Black Over Heating Tests

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Have read a bunch of threads on this subject but decided to do some of my own tests. My goal is to have a setup that I can use on my motorcycle rides where I use external power and can run all day in loop mode. I curently use two 3+ models with extended batteries and they work well but the much better picture and sound of the 7 makes me want to find a solution.

My initial tests showed that with a battery installed and plugged into a USB power bank I could run 1080P 60 for a long time. I wanted to start shooting 4 K so I set up another test to see if having the battery installed when using external power made a diference. It did in the old models as it seems the camera was constantly charging which added heat. I have in fact owned every model of GoPro since the first HD model. 

I measured the temperature in the centre of the rear screen with an IR gun. The top and bottom of the screen had vastly diferent temperatues. 

Started just after 9 Am with battery and external power. 26C.

9 07 Batt & Ext.JPG

Roughly an hour later it was at 39C.

10 10 Batt & Ext.JPG

After running for an hour and twenty minutes it shut down at 46C. The front lens was much warmer at 64C.

10 33 Batt & Ext.JPG

I cooled off the camera under running water and removed the battery. External power only now. Close to 11 AM at 26C.

10 57 Ext.JPG

30 minutes later it was at 39C. An hour later at 41C where it stayed until the battery bank ran empty around 6 PM.  Total run time on a 10.000 mAH battery was 9 hours.

11 58 Ext.JPG

At one point just for fun I put a diferent fully charged battery back in the GoPro and it switched off again after only 6 minutes. I then removed the battery and ran on external only another 4 hours.

In my application where there will be a lot of air moving it may cool better but ambient air temperature will sometimes be higher as it was only 23C in my house.