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GoPro Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth & Focus glitch

I am sure many are facing this issue as I have been reading quite a few Articles about this issue. It used to be that when you Pan the H7Black it would glitch and stutter, then GoPro released an update that was supposed to fix it. After the update I no longer see the choppy pan, but instead I see what looks like a focus issue. I know that GoPro has a fixed focus, but when you look at the footage when Hypersmooth is enabed and you Pan left and right, the resuting footage looks like a panasonic GH5 that is hunting rapidly for focus. The image goes in and out, in and out of focus rapidly.


If it was only happening if I panned on purpose, I would have learnt to live with it and restrict my pan's. This happens even at the slightest turn left or right and this kind of makes hypersmooth unuseable quite honestly as I cant get decent footage out of it with Hypersmooth enabled.




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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth & Focus glitch

GoPro hasn't released a new update. Only the one that came out at launch, which is what people are referring to as causing the panning issue, has been released. The new update is expected in early December.
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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth & Focus glitch

Hypersmooth has issues in low-light conditions (or even some "medium light" conditions) that are similar to what you are describing.

As for the occasional julting during slow-pans: That is still an issue, which may or may not be fixed in a future software update.


General consensuse for now is to:

- In low-light: Turn off hypersmooth or lower your reliance on it (by holding the camera fairly steady and with little movement).

- During panning shots: Turn off hypersmooth or speed-up your pans (or go extra slow) to find the sweet-spot where it doesn't lag.


Hope that helps.

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Re: GoPro Hero 7 Black - Hypersmooth & Focus glitch

I've found that locking the shutter at 1/240 greatly improves the image quality when using Hypersmooth in low light.  Also, it seems that there are other settings that help as well like, locking the MIN and MAX ISO to a higher value (400-800), ising a manual WB (around 5000K is what I use outdoors), and having the Color set to Flat.


I made this video just the other night with the HERO7 Black.  The first part is in the Karma, but later it's all hand held.  On the horses there is considerable shake and movement, but I was able to get pretty good stabilized shots.  I've increased the lumanance in the video, but it was at sunset with overcast sky and darker than it looks.  At the end of the video I'm literally running next to the horse with the camera in my hand.  You can see at one point the flash of a truck's lights and my shadow on the side of the horse.  It's not perfect, but pretty good for an action camera with a small sensor.  Looking forward to seeing what the new update in December will bring.


Just FYI. Filmed in 4K/60fps. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit with a 1080p/59.4fps Sequence and then rendered in 4K 65bit.  Be sure to turn up the resolution on the video settings when watching.