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GoPro Hero 6 video blurry



I recently bought a Hero 6 after owning a Hero 3+ Black Edition for a few years... The camera is amazing, as a mountainbiker I can't express how useful voice controls are as well as the screen...


I have a really big problem with it though.... The videos are very blurry... My Hero 3+ makes better videos at the moment...


This is an example of what I mean:  (the quality is a bit worse than the original but the blur can be seen at 10s)


The video was shot at 1080p, 120fps, linear FOV, video stabilization ON, auto low light ON, manual audio control OFF


Also... the wind is really loud.. would putting it in wind only mode help?



Uploaded by Lar Kunc on 2017-11-19.
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Re: GoPro Hero 6 video blurry

Hi @supershore2162,


I would recommend manually updating that camera as there has recently been an update to V1.60:


Also having the camera in wind only mode may help! Give it a try and let us know how it goes!




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Re: GoPro Hero 6 video blurry

Already updated :)

Hope to see an improvement.

Thanks :)

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 video blurry

This is really weird. I'd contact GoPro for a replacement, as the footage seems unacceptable. 

What settings were you using? Is this raw or edited?

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 video blurry

the quality improved after the firmware update...

still have issues with wind even in wind only mode unfortunately..

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 video blurry

I found out from my gopro 4, 5 and now 6 that the sound quality
is bad whatever settings you use on the cam. Because of that
i invested in a zoom h5 to solve that and it works well. Not
sure how to use it on a bicycle but maybe you could fit an
external mic on it?:)