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GoPro Hero 6 missing footage (taken with Karma grip)

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Yesterday I lost 40 minutes of my recorded 5k run that I took with Hero 6 in my Karma grip. I recorded the whole run in two or three takes, but the camera has no record of it ever being taken. And yes, I made sure that I am recording - the red dot was on and controls on Karma grip were performing as usual (usb connected showed each time it was turned on, when pressed the record button the camera would beep, red dot appeard and time left was being shown).

Now I am left with footage taken prior to starting race and just after finishing race, but the race footage itself is gone like it never existed. The weird thing is that on the card those kept videos are now sequentual, like nothing was recored in between them.

And since it wasn't only one file it rules out corrupt file. Also, my SD card is Sandisk Extreme (V30 - A1) and there is no sign of its corruption. The same thing happend for the first time couple a days ago, when I lost last 4-5 clips that I took. It seemed weird at the time, but I put it to possible card problem and reformated the card. Now the same thing happened, but all the files after those missing are present and, as I wrote earlier, numbers are continuing from those before the run.

Tried looking for missing files with recovery software, but no luck. Is there any chance or hope to ever be able to recover these files?

Is there a known reason for this occurence?

Thanks for help in advance.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 missing footage (taken with Karma grip)

Of you really sured that the recording was on, then it has to be lost file and recovery options looks like your only chance to recovery. Don't buy a generic file recovery software,  rather go for a specific tool made to recover just media files like Stellar Photo Recovery. I have heard it's performance is good. :)