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GoPro Hero 6 connecting to Quik

I connected my GoPro Hero 6 to Quik (PC) and the program will become lag and freeze.


Now i have to transfer my files via card reader.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 connecting to Quik

Same issue here, Ive also had it where Quik says there are no videos on the camera, but if I pop the card out and put it in a reader, it shows all of the videos and pictures that are on it.


Quik doesnt seem to be nearly as bad with the hero 4 silver or black that I have

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 connecting to Quik

hi guys,


I have Win8.1

Quik 2.3.....


Quik does not see Hero 6 when connected directly, and I cannot download the files.

Yes, Quik see the SDXC card introduced in reader, and recognizes it as being Hero 6.


after I download or import the files:

- HEVC coded files cannot be played

- Gauge does not work on "readable" non HEVC files; Quik crashes when I try to set the gauges, any of them.


I understand that only Quik 2.5, which is available only for Win10, can "see" Hero 6.


till now no update for Win8.1


thank you!




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Re: GoPro Hero 6 connecting to Quik

Even with Quik 2.5, yes the program can see GoPro 6 but it will still freeze and lag ...

And I don't want to lose gopro studio.. I will stay with 2.3 for now