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GoPro Hero 6, Stuck Pixel on Back screen?(LCD)


Hopefully someone can help me out.

I bought this Hero 6 last week and was super excited to start recording but realized there was a stuck pixel on the Back screen which I believe is the LCD, it SEEMS to be changing colors , it’s deff not white or black (dead). I went and exchanged it and the once I received had the same issue, so I exchanged it again and this one literally has the same exact problem. I exchanged this thing twice and each one has had a stuck pixel somewhere on the screen. The first one was in the middle which I did notice when the screen went black ( going through settings etc. the second one and the one I have now both have it on the bottom where the black settings bar is this just a common thing for these things? This is my first GoPro ever so all of this is new to me. Should I exhange it again, these people are gonna think I’m crazy. I bought it st Best Buy by the way and I have the 3 year protection plan so I was thinking about just riding it out and replacing it down the road. But it’s annoying to look at and I just want it to be perfect. Will this pixel be seen on the videos I record ? Anyone have the same issue. This is killing me ): I will take a picture when I’m back home and will post it. But in the meantime i really want some thoughts on this. Having this problem on 3 devices leads me to believe this is a common problem.
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Re: GoPro Hero 6, Stuck Pixel on Back screen?(LCD)

Hi @epicrange83144,


If you are able to post that picture some of our members here may be able to help! I would recommend making sure that the camera is up to date: