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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

If it's well lit. I would try this..


1. Reset ProTune to defaults.

2. Move the max ISO to 400.

3. Set to 4k 30fps wide - setting at 30fps will disable auto low light.

4 Set WB to Auto - This depends on the lights (you may need to adjust this)

5. Sharpenss to Low

6. Set color to Flat or GoPro - If you use flat, it will appear dull. You will need to adjust in post. As the light gets lower I prefer flat. GoPro color setting will crush some blacks. FYI

7. Shut off camera.

8. Pull battery

9. Turn on and shoot your video.

10.Before uploading to to YouTube, use 40Mbps or higher in post.


Try that I guess, I hope it helps you.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

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Thanks for this. I'm going to try those settings today. Sharpness is usually set to HIGH - Maybe keeping it low will solve the issue? Either way, I'll follow these steps today and try. Also, is the battery pull necessary? What is the reason behind it?

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

You don't need to pull the battery.

To get the best results requires the least amount of processing by the camera so you want to start with these settings and then adjust up.

Frame Rate: 24/25 (unless you are going to apply slow motion, this is the best quality frame rate)
Protune: ON (increases bit rate)
Shutter: Auto does a good job so in general I leave it on this.
EV comp: -2 (stopping it down will remove the lens flare)
ISO: min/max 100
WB: Native
Sharp: Low
Color: Flat
Audio: Off
Stabilization: Off
Low light: Off (it will already be off at a fps 30 or lower. If you increase the fps turn this off)

From these settings you can start making your adjustments based on the environment and what you want to achieve.

The flat profile on the Hero6 isn't as washed out as with previous GoPro cameras so only change this to the GoPro color outdoors and/or if you really want that extra color pop.

The white balance you should first try setting manually but the camera does a decent job if you put it on auto. It will be cleanest on Native but will require color correction with an editor.

EV: with the ceiling /background lights on the picture it's going to look best if this is reduced. Point the camera at the light and adjust as needed. You can also set this to 0 and use the selective light/spot metering by pressing on the LCD until a large white box turns into a smaller one. Move the box around the screen until you get the desired brightness and then lock it (if the camera is stationary).

ISO: you want this as low as possible. If you set the max to 400 you should be ok. (The camera will use the lowest value it needs).

You can use 4K, but unless you need it, 2.7 and 1080 look fine.

Stabilization is great with the Hero6 but unless your camera is moving, keep it off. There is no point in cropping the picture and using more processing power if you don't need it.
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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

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GoPro Hero 6 Problems. This is a 2nd camera I purchased in a week. Same problem after latest update. Running SanDisk Extreme PLUS 128GB V30. I had the same card working with no issues in my GoPro Hero 5. Must be the update problem and GoPro is refusing to admit their failure. Video is very bad/choppy running 4K 60FPS. It doesn't happen to every video, just randomly.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

Let's just admit the Gopro Hero 6 is not made for Indoors. The sensor is 2.8f and small. and 4k makes it even smaller sensor pixels, which makes less light to the sensor. Hero 3+ silver was okay, but not in Hero 6. 


Indoor shot is comparable to iPhone 7 plus that I have. It is really grainy in non-ideal lighting.


Don't get me wrong Hero 6 do amazing outdoors. Amazing stabilization by far. If that is your use Hero 6 is great for money.


I do mostly indoor shots and needed wide angle. That was the reason I bought Hero 6.  I don't think Hero 6 is working for me.


So I am now in search for camera that does good in low lighting.


Rx100v is one of them. It's twice the money, but if your main use is low lighting you gotta get the bigger sensor, which is designed for low lighting videography.


Here is one video shows some indoor shots with gimbal.


If you really want wide angle indoors I guess you would have to go a6500 with wide angle lens, which is whole a lot of money.



I am not related to Sony or this guy in anyway.


I just want to help out those who want some decent low light footage.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!


I'd try a different SD card, preferably a 64GB and see if the issue continues.  Two different processors and much more intense on the Hero6 than the Hero5 so if it works in Hero5 that doesn't necessarily mean it will work in the Hero6 (Although the card you list should work).

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

Yes. This has been happening to me since day one I bought my HERO6. Only in normal single photo mode. During daytime and indoors very grainy. I thought I got a defected GoPro so I ignored it until now since none of my friends had this issue. Night mode seems to be fine tho.

GoPro please address this issue with a firmware update!!!
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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - GRAIN ISSUE !!!

I bought the Hero 6 after seeing the announcement thinking it was going to be good enough in moderate light to get by but was aghast to see it littered with chroma noise in anything but brightish conditions. It looked like it wasn't even bothering to do any noise reduction whatsoever. It was so bad that I decided to sell it and grab a 1" compact 4K camera (LX10), though that was also because of other reasons. So I guess my experience was half choosing the wrong camera, half underperforming video.