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GoPro Hero 6 - Footage grainy, broken, blurry

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Hi. I used my gopro hero black 6 to take some footage at night. My settings were 2.4k with 30fps (possibly 2.4k with 24fps) without protune. When I checked the footages later, I was hugely disappointed that all of my footages had that blurry looks with even minimal movements. Please take a look at the video. Any ideas to fix this? Is there any way? Or, this is just how gopro is? Thank you.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 - Footage grainy, broken, blurry

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Please make sure you are using one of the GoPro's recommended memory cards when recording with your GoPro.


Also make sure you are using the latest firmware for your camera, if needs be, try doing a manual update


In lower light conditions footage will be blurrier than in full light conditions.  However it is suprising to see this much blur, it seems to be in time with your foot steps.  You can try turning the stabiliztion off, this will eliminate the blur but you'll have shakey video.  Alternatively you can leave the image stabilization turned on and you can actually increase your frame rate, also make sure "Auto Low Light" is turned off.  This could lead to a slightly darker image but it should also elminate the blur.


To get the best image possible, you really should try using ProTune and finding out what settings work for your particular shooting mode.