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GoPro Hero 6 Black Issues


I recently purchased a Gopro Hero 6 to install in a rally car. 

I have some issues that are troubling me if and would greatly appreciate some feedback.

Firstly the battery issue is a huge one. The way things look I will have to buy another 4 batteries just to get me through one race! 

Is ther any direct charger I can use from the car's power supply or is the best solution just to keep changing the batteries?

Secondly and most important is the exposure control (with auto exposure) on the camera. The camera is placed between the driver and co driver just behind the seats. The problem with this is that is i do not use exposure control and aim the camera outside the windscreen i get a perfect picture of the cockpit and a white sheet of the windscreen which is overexposed thus not capturing the road. 

If i do aim the exposure control at the road the inside of the car darkens and I get a good view of the road. 

Now that is fine up to the point that you realise that that setting will not stay saved as when switching off the camera and restarting it with quick capture. The setup of the car and the place of the camera means that I will need to get out of the car to re set the camera with exposure control and there is no time and not enough battery to do this on every stage. 

Is there any way I can save the exposure control box to a location on the screen and leave it there? Every time i start the camera to record a stage this issue comes up and the iphone app will not do this. It has to be done manually on the rear screen of the Gopro!!!!

This is quite frustrating and deems the camera useless for me!


Also, is there any way I can connect the camera with the intercom used in the rally car? There is a jack (the usual audio 3.5mm jack on the intercom). I have read somewhere that I will need a whole new different device to make the intercom into a mic and from the other device to input sound on the go pro? Is there any other simpler more straight forward way to do this so the cam records the road but record the audio from our helmets?


Thank you

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black Issues

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as you are in the car (and the waterproof does not help you) you can power the camera from an external power source without problem.


I do the same on long drives, when I use it as dashboard.


I used auto-charger - but, when power on/off the engine, sometimes strange happens (file repair message, or USB connected...)


so I do use:

- power bank 10A (Anker- see the reflection in the windshield after I entered "offroad"...)... I use the original gopro cable

- with (I feel safer...) and without the battery inserted in the camera, works both (external power will power the camera and charge the battery at the same time...)


In this way you will not lose the exposure control settings, as you do not have to power off the camera to change batteries.


I use the camera in a gopro adhesive flat mount on my windshield, near to the main mirror (and one on the rear windshield)....

usually 2.7k 50fps superview

just to capture these kind of things....Smiley was close...very close....



I' have no experience with the mic.... I'm sure somehow can be done...


just me,