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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

I can't play files maybe because of the H.265 thing. Do you know what to do? Thanks.

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

Why not?


No supported codec? To weak CPU? Or?


Have you tried to open til file in the GoPro editiing Software?

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

Not supported.
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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

Hi @quickdive16301,


It is likely due to limitations of your computer. Check out this article on HEVC (H.265):


You do have a few options if you did record in a mode that is not supported by your device:


"In the event that you've recorded HEVC video footage and do not have a compatible device to play your recordings, there are a couple of options: 

  1. Convert Your HEVC Videos to the H.264 Codec - Using Handbrake, a free, open source application, you can covert your HEVC videos to H.264 (compatible across all devices) with minimal loss in image quality. Please reference How to Convert GoPro HEVC Videos to H.264 Using HandBrake, for step-by-step instructions. 
  2. Video/File Hosting via Web - Upload your video to YouTube or another video/file hosting service. Once uploaded, you should be able to play your footage on any device compatible with the website, as you'll be able to utilize their compression. *NOTE: Being as you will be using a webservice to play back your videos, there may be a decrease in image quality simply due to web compression or your connection speed. "

Hope that helps!




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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

Thank you very much
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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions



Thanks for posting.


I too am stoked on the hero 6.


The HEVC h.265 files of 240fps mode are maxing the cpu in both of my editing rigs.


Anyone have a good workflow?  Any solution that doesn't require re-encoding, proxie files, or upgrading CPU/mobo?  Video card that can handle the files?




Oh and here is my first slow motion test:

I went straight to the beach after picking up the new GoPro Hero 6 Black, charging the battery on the way. Really stoked on the slow motion capabilities of 1...
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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

can't help with your problem, but very impressed with the viewing angle you've got from the board. Fusion will be fantastic on that mount

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Re: GoPro Hero 6 Black First Impressions

By far this is the best GoPro ever. I wasn't sure if this camera would be a big enough upgrade to the Hero5 Black. It's a HUGE upgrade. Everything is better with the Hero6 and it's noticeable right away. Not only are you getting double the frame rates with 4K/60 and 1080/240, but everything just looks so much better! Stability is amazing and the color is outstanding. The GoPro color is vibrant and beautiful. If you color grade in post like I do, and prefer the flat profile, the Hero6 gives you so much more to work with compared to other similar cameras including the Hero5.
GoPro smartly got rid of the narrow and medium fov and instead added the ability to ZOOM. Essentially it's the same as using these modes but you have much more flexibility in how close or far you want the sensor to crop, plus you can see exactly what the effect will be as you adjust the zoom/fov.
Voice activation to turn on the camera and start recording is a big plus (firmware update is required and available now with the GoPro app) along with all of the usual voice activations found in the Hero5 cameras.
All of the features of the Hero5 are also found on the Hero6. Waterproof, LCD back screen, GPS, RAW photo, manual ISO and shutter, stereo and wind resistance plus Protune audio, auto cloud updating, Quik Story, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, and selective spot metering/ light adjustment. The difference is, Hero6 does all of these things better. A lot better.
The touch screen is more responsive. ISO can be set to max 100 with the shutter on auto. Wi-Fi connection and transfer is significantly faster. Audio is clear and more accurate. Light balance and low light are much better. If you don't have the ability to edit RAW photos the new HDR gives rich blacks and brighter whites than the Hero5 Black WDR.
If you are thinking about getting an action cam that can also be used as an everyday shooter, this is the camera to get. If you are on the fence about upgrading from your Hero5, it's worth it. If you are still using a Hero4 or even a Hero3+, now is the time to upgrade, you truly don't know what you're missing and won't regret getting this camera.
In short, I am impressed!