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GoPro Hero 5 super hot and LCD screen wont turn on

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I have had a recent issue with the water proofness of my hero 5 coming into question. After this issue I dried it in the Fijian heat for 3 days and no issues seemed to be occuring. Turns out the door to the charging port seems to have stopped locking properly. Gopro weren’t much help with this and basically said it was my fault.

Fast forward 6 weeks and I have been using my camera on and off since with no issues (not in water). I put the camera in my bag (fitted with original gopro battery and same SD card I have been using for a long time) whilst exploring Hanoi on night. Please take into account I was even using the camera the day before with no issue. I went to get the camera out the bag and it was stupidly hot. I could not even hold it in my hand with the bulk of the heat being around the lense cover. I immediately removed the battery, which you also couldn’t handle, and let it cool down.

The camera will now turn on but he LCD screen won’t work. If I put a battery in it but leave it off the camera will still heat up to ludicrous heat again even if you though it is turned off. I cannot stress how hot this was. I’m pretty sure it could have melted the foam case I store it in had it been in that and therefore be a fire hazard. I am in no way exagerating when I say that as I could have left it all night.

I have seen a few people with the same issue raised on various sites but no one seems to have followed up or mentioned a concrete cure. Everything has remained the same and it seems very strange at it heats up when the camera is off.

GoPro seems to be accepting less reliabilty and responsibilty when products are going wrong so does anyone have any ideas? If I have to replace the camera I think I’ll scrap the brand all together.
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Re: GoPro Hero 5 super hot and LCD screen wont turn on

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Sorry, there are some rather iffy iPhone auto-corrections in this!
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Re: GoPro Hero 5 super hot and LCD screen wont turn on

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Hello @cooljump86178


Our Support team is the best contact group for this matter. We see that a case has already been established for your concern and a resolution has been offered. Should you want to proceed, please get in touch with our Support team through the case number you were provided. 




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Re: GoPro Hero 5 super hot and LCD screen wont turn on

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Hello @cooljump86178


This is a long text so do excuse me for writting so much.




That doesn't seem right. For the waterproofing situations, I haven't gotten that problem before. I did put the camera in water a couple of times, but that's like at the beach. I didn't go swimming with it. Sometimes, it can be a burden to just to get those doors closed. But then again, I feel it should be that way because you want the doors to be completely sealed. 


For the heating issue, I had my camera get pretty hot, but not something that it was unbearable to touch. The hottest I've ever let the camera get to was when it was recording regular video 1080p 60fps in a bucket full of raspberry. It was something around more than 10min and for sure, it got pretty hot since there were any ventilation. Berries were really packed! I've forgot to turn the camera off. But even then, I was able to hold onto the camera. 


BTW, when you went to get the camera out of the bag, was it on? Usually, I would forget to turn off my camera and it can get hot. And that's because I thought the camera was off when it was actually on; it was in sleep mode where the camera was on, but the screen was off. 


The fact that GoPro cameras get hot pretty quick seems pretty straightforward for me to understand. They're high performance machines that makes a lot of heat for the things that they do. iPhones get heat up when we play high performance games like FortNite. Same thing with computers and laptops. The only difference is that iPhones and GoPro cameras is that they don't have fan like computers do. 



Down below, I found a pretty good source that explains why the camera gets hot. I'll provide the link as well.


" You'll notice it particularly when recording with the high-end video modes that keep the camera's internal processor working hard as well as transferring large amounts of data to the memory card. The camera and memory card can get quite hot to the touch, even to the point that it can be uncomfortable to hold.


It's especially noticeable with some of the newer designs for the HERO6 and HERO5 lines when you're using the to-end video modes that require lots of processing power and large amounts of data being written to the memory card very quickly. The metal rim around the lens port acts as a heat sink, drawing the heat out to dissipate it. The result is that it can become very hot. And if you take the microSD card out right away after recording in the high-end modes, you'll find that that's hot too." 



The quote below is from the website, but also on GoPro's instructions manual that comes with the camera: 



"When capturing video at high resolutions or high frame rates in warm ambient temperatures, the camera may become warm and use more power.


In addition, lack of airflow around the camera and using the camera with the GoPro app further increase camera temperature and power consumption, and decrease camera recording time.


If the camera gets too hot, a message appears on the screen indicating that the camera is shutting down. For details, see Important Messages (page 85)" 




Have you gotten the camera recently, cause I would exchange it. Not sure if GoPro could replace the camera for you, but you can always give them a chat. I'd suggest if you chat with them via some sort of messaging platform. Calling may put you in a long wait (up to you though). Let me know what you're thinking so far.  

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 super hot and LCD screen wont turn on

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Hey. Thanks for such a long answer.

I understand the various causes of tech over heating and have noticed this in the gopro before when downloading files and recording videos but my latest issue is with the fact that it go hotter than it would do in these mentioned processes but when turned off.

To reiterate, the battery was inside the camera but the camera was turned off. I didn’t accidentally turn it on or anything before placing in the bag and it wasn’t on when I got it out. I did turn it on breifly before going out just to see how much battery was left (90%) but turned it straight off.

When I turned the camera on I noticed the battery had been drained by at least 50%. When I got back to my hotel I did a little test where I put the battery back in the camera and left it on the side, switched off. The camera didn’t heat up. I then turned it on and off as I did before and the camera instantly got hot and kept on getting hotter until I disconnected the battery.

It seems the issue is that the camera is not actually turning off properly. When it looks off it looks like it normally would when off but something is obviously still operating inside.

There have been people encountering the same issue but I cannot seem to find a fix or diagnosis.

The camera is an early model hero 5 black purchased in 2016 so is out of warranty and there is not much I can do to sort it. GoPro have tried but I am travelling and purchased this camera to use on my travels. The only way for me to replace it through gopro is to send my camera to them, wait weeks whilst they process it and then purchase a new one with a discount from them. All in all this will take weeks if not months which doesn’t work for me when travelling. So much for the ‘action’ camera.