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GoPro Hero 5 stopped working after update

Hey guys so I finally used my GoPro Hero 5 after some time and it was working fine all night until I got home was charging it and did the update via the gopro app. On the app it said that the gopro would turn on and off by itself so when my gopro turned off i thougt it was a part of the process, but it won't turn on anymore. I've tried all the customer support steps to try and fix it but nothing has helped. I even bought a new battery tried to charge it for 5-8 hours and got no response. I even tried it without the battery and sd card and no life. The only thing i could get a response from was from taking out the battery, and holding down the snapshot button then plugging in the charger, the front red light would turn on but turn off after. Thats about all I could get from the gopro. Now that I finally have time to use my karma drone and all it doesnt even work. 

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 stopped working after update

Sorry to know that @boldrange5304


Since you already contacted GoPro Customer Support I would like to suggest to continue working with the GoPro Support Rep. 

They can provide more options for you.