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GoPro Hero 5 Internal Mic makes clicking noise whenever I move it!

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It is super irritating when you film so awesome footage with your GoPro and when you go back to listen to the audio of people talking, there is a constant rubbing or clicking noise almost entirely through the video. 

Literally, if I move an inch slightly either direction, the audio picks up some kind of interference.

I have tried multiple things:
1) soak it in water to clear out debris that might be inside... no success

2) change the audio into manual trying both the wind setting and the stereo setting both continue with the noise... no success

3) I have used different handheld grips for the mic to see if the noise has anything to do with the grip... no success

4) Added more padding into my GoPro casing in order to make sure that the GoPro is not shaking within the success
5) Taking the GoPro out of the casing in order to test it by itself and the audio is still clicking a lot of the time... no success

At this point, I am extremely annoyed and upset with the product. I have loved GoPro ever since I got my first one 5 years ago but now after so much frustration and anger with the audio in the 5, I might just have to quit with GoPro.

Looking for ANY help or stories that are related to this problem.

Thank you in advance

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Internal Mic makes clicking noise whenever I move it!

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Hey @keeganc162,


I am sorry to hear about the issues with that camera. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team directly so they can collect some samples to see what may be going on with that camera.




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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Internal Mic makes clicking noise whenever I move it!

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Ya, I have the same issue on mine.  My hero 5 is a waste of cash since I never know if the audio will sound good or not.  It randomly crackles the audio in the most basic of wind and if I move at all while holding the gopro or any go pro official attachments it makes crazy sounds on the video.  Tried to get help through support but they were zero help.  Now I just have this expensive paper weight unfortunately.  Tried it again this past week with an attached mic and took it with me on a cruise.  Still random crackles of audio all the time.  I REALLY wish I returned it last year.  You should return yours and save yourself the frustrations I've had.