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GoPro Hero 5 + Gimbal motor noise issue

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Dear GoPro Support Team,


I want to reanimate some old threads that were left without any replies or reasonable solutions to workaround or resolve the problem with using GoPro Hero 5 with Gimbals that results in awful sound quality because of the motor noise issues.


I've contacted the Support team regarding the issue and received a disappointing response that states: "Unfortunately the Gimbal is not actually a GoPro product, so it isn't something that we support. I'll point you in the right direction though." I've replied to that email, but want to have it posted here too to increase a chance that it will be finally heard and somebody from the GoPro team responds to our requests.


First of all, I’ve went ahead and updated the camera’s firmware to the latest version available (that is 2.60). Unfortunately, the quality of sound has not improved. I would say it has become even worst comparing to the tests that I did previously with 2.40 firmware.


What concerns the comment about the Gimbal (in my case it is Hohem iSteady Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal) incompatibility with the GoPro Hero 5 cameras. I understand the point of not providing the support for non-GoPro products (that is expected), still, I don’t agree that the problem is in the Gimbal. This particular Gimbal does an amazing job and works perfectly fine with many other cameras, including GoPro Hero 4, 6, and 7. The GoPro Hero 5 turns to be the only (!!!) model that produces the mentioned issue with the motor noise recording. With that being said, I strongly believe that there is nothing to do with the Gimbal itself. In my personal opinion, the issue appears in the given setup because of the location and quality of the microphones on the camera.


To prove that I am alone in facing the noise issue, here are some links to forums and articles on the Internet where people are sharing their frustration on the issue with the GoPro Hero 5 camera and a Gimbal:

It is really disappointing that GoPro (as a company) continues to ignore the problem and does not provide “happy” owners of GoPro Hero 5 cameras any reasonable options after so many years of the problem existence.


IMHO, here are all acceptance options that could be used as a fair and reasonable resolution to such cases:

  1. Provide a full refund for the purchases so people can use it to upgrade to something else, e.g., the latest GoPro Hero 7 camera.
  2. Release a firmware/software patch that would fix the microphone(s) issue (I am not sure if it is doable with the microphones that are installed on this camera).
  3. Release a firmware/software patch that would allow to turn the individual microphones on and off, so users can change the recording configuration depending on their setup and needs.

Please, let me know what the GoPro company thinks about the options that I’ve listed above.


Thank you!

Well after updating the firmware last week and a lot of comments on my other video, I decided to try the GoPro again with the Feiyu Tech and even the EVO GP ...
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Re: GoPro Hero 5 + Gimbal motor noise issue

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To provide everyone with the latest update:

  1. I've not received any responses from the GoPro Support Team after my last email to them on January 15th, 2019.
  2. There were no replies in this thread too.
  3. I've submitted a complaint through BBB concerning the same topic. Here is what BBB replied today:

"The Better Business Bureau has made two attempts to contact the business regarding your complaint. We regret to inform you that we have not received a response at this time and this case has now been closed as an UNANSWERED complaint in their file." (c)


So, I have to admit that GoPro won this round! Still, it is pretty sad to understand the position that the company takes in regards to their customers and their problems.