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GoPro Hero 5 Firmware 2.0 Issue



Just a heads up for everyone who haven't updated to firmware 2.0 and is using an external microphone with GoPro adapter.


When recording a movie using the Quick Record mode (tapping record button when camera is turned off), the GoPro is not recording sound from an external microphone. I lost a whole day of shooting because of no sound.



If you turn the camera on first and then press the record button, the sounds is recorded.


Other issues with 2.0:

- When swiping into playback mode after taking timelapse photos, the camera freezes.

- Sometimes the GoPro freezes for no reason, and can only be turned on by pulling the battery.

- Sometimes the GoPro doesn't turn on, the battery pull fixes that too.


For the time being I'll be downgrading to 1.57


Cheers everyone.

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Firmware 2.0 Issue

kind of same issue too, screen freezes after recording a video at a saving black screen, can't solve it uness taking out the battery, hope ths gets solved fast. hope somebody could help to solve it

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Firmware 2.0 Issue

I found the same issue. Apparently turning off the wifi connection on the gopro solves it.
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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Firmware 2.0 Issue

external mic and all firmwares. so its not fw .20   rephrain till furthernotice using a non-powered mic till new firmware comes out.