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GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to post something that may help others that have been doing battle with their GoPro Hero5 and using an external mic. I have the GoPro Hero 5 and then I purchased the external 3.5 mm mic adaptor, for this camera. I have been wanting to record my rides on my motorcycle and talk into the mic while riding and capture my audio. I tried three different mics, even the one everyone online suggests (The Blixxo 6 in 1 Combo Pack) and an awesome Sony condenser mic. NOTHING would give me reliable audio. NOTHING, it was so frustrating and I lost so many videos to missing audio. Come back from a 400 mile ride that you have been speaking and riding to find a bunch of AMAZING looking video with NO SOUND!! So frustrating I cannot even explain. So today, I get back from another long ride... I recorded another hour or more of video. My first video HAS audio (this has happened many times where I would get audio in the FIRST recording) but then I realize as has happened time and time again, that the video ALWAYS seems to have audio present on the FIRST recording, no matter the length, but then it never works for the next videos. My wife comes in and sensing my total frustration at losing ride video after ride video, we start talking about how I have been using the camera, the mic, the adapter, etc. racking our brains trying to figure it out, checking all the preferences and settings. Then it hit me.

Here is how I have been using the camera and having faulty audio:

1. Charge the camera
2. Put in fresh SD card
3. Connect everything (Adaptor and mic to GoPro Hero 5)
4. On my ride, when I am ready to record, I click the red button. Since the camera is powered OFF, pushing the record button turns ON the camera and is starts to record. Everything is fine and I get audio on this FIRST recording no matter how long it is.
5. Then when I am done recording for a few miles of twists or whatever, then I push the red RECORD button again. The camera saves the video and turns off.
6. When I am ready to record again, I would just push the RECORD button and the camera would come back on and start recording. BUT THE AUDIO NEVER WORKS AFTER THE FIRST TIME YOU USE THE RECORD BUTTON. THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!!

So the problem is that you cannot use the camera this way and I believe that this is why hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people are complaining about how terrible it is trying to record external audio through an external mic using this Hero 5 camera!!!

So, here is the FIX and it is SO SIMPLE:

Do steps 1 -3 as outlined above.

4. Before you leave using the MODE button (ONLY THE MODE BUTTON, NEVER ANYTHING ELSE) hold the mode button down until the camera powers on. This will tell the camera to stay on forever until the battery dies. After a few mins the screen will go black,  but the camera will stay on until the battery is dead or you hold the MODE button down again to cycle the camera power off.
5. NOW HERE IS THE KEY. You can now use the RECORD button to start recording and then use it to stop recording as normal. If the screen goes black, fine. It will come back to life the next time you hit RECORD. YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE CAMERA ON OR TURN IT OFF WITH MODE AND THEN TURN IT BACK ON WITH MODE. You CANNOT use your GoPro Hero 5 3.5 mm adaptor (works with ANY 3.5 mic BTW once I figured this out, all the mics I ever tried work now) using the auto power on and power off that is part of the camera function when it is powered off and you click the RECORD button. Your audio will NEVER work reliably. You MUST use the MODE button to power the camera on, then record as many times as you want (start/stop RECORD) then MODE button to power off. NEVER USE THE AUTO POWER ON AND AUTO POWER OFF BY JUST USING THE RECORD BUTTON and your audio will work every time!!!!!

FINALLY, it only took me half the summer to figure this out. Such a simple thing, but it was just realizing that it was NOT the mic, NOT the adaptor, THOSE ALL WORK FINE!!! It is the auto power on and auto power off when you try and record that way. You must ONLY use the MODE button to FIRST power on your camera, then record (START/STOP) as many times as needed. Then MODE button to power off. Always.

It eats batteries WAY faster this way, but **bleep** man, my videos now look and SOUND sooooo good.

I am using this mic and the audio is outstanding:

So you don't need certain mics, your GoPro Hero 5 Adaptor For 3.5 Mics WORKS JUST FINE (even though it is clunky) it is all in how you power on the camera.

I am SOOOO hoping that GoPro reads this and does a firmware update to fix this so you can just hit record to power cycle and start recording too, but for now at least I can use this camera for what I bought it for. GoPro peeps, please test this in your facility and you will see what I am talking about!

Hope this helps everyone that is struggling with this otherwise awesome camera!! Smiley Wink

Screenshot 2017-07-22 21.35.54.png

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Hello @boldsurf74714


The Quick Capture button is the button on top (shutter button, with the red circle) that automatically sets the camera to recording even if the camera is initially powered off. Getting audio on your recording when using this button will be dependent on whether you are using a powered or non-powered microphone. To illustrate further, please take a look at this article:


Hope this helps!


Best regards, 


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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Rephrain from using quickstart, unless you own a wireless or powered mic.


its been around day one   ofgopro with no fixes its a work around some of us have been doing.


 I suggest feedback  if one does itnothing happens to firmware, imagine if thousands get to gopro they are forced to  fix it. never will this happen Lol

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Awesome heads up cheers mate !!!!!!!
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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Great post! I'm currently having the same issue, except I am using the Hero 5 session. What would I need to do to work around the issue on my camera? I've been talking to support but they don't seem to know anything about the cameras at all, or the products they sell. I was informed to buy the GoPro Mic, when replying "GoPro doesn't offer a mic", I got the response "We have a 3.5mm Adapter." Terrible customer service if you ask me.. Anyway, what steps would I have to take? You say to hold down the mode button, but that doesn't seem to do anything for me. Help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

You can not charge and use the mic at the same time. The adapter own usb-c is for the external mic with usb-c plug only. If you connect any charger to adapter's usb-c - you will loose your audio completely!!! Unfortunately Gopors do not say that untill pressed for it. Here is the chat with one of them:

GOPRO agent chat:
You're now connected to John Eric S.
My name is John Eric. How can I help you?
Bought the external mic adapter, which has two slots: 1 for mic and 2 for charger. When I charge through no 2 the mic does not work. As soon as I am not charging the mic works. Is it normal?
I'm get little bit concern if one of my accessories is not working well, let me assist you with that one.
Let me look into that for you, it may take me a 1-2 minutes.
go ahead
Thanks for waiting Alexander.
The Pro mic adapter will not working while on charging.
So what you are telling me is that this device does not support the charging and the external mic at the same time?
That is correct, that is to avoid any damages on the chips.
Like for example, you are going to use the mic while charging this can cause overheating and that can melt the chipset of the Mic adapter.
Could you just explain then why do you have two slots on the adaptor??
You may use the charging after you use the mic slot.
But I don't need the adapter to charge the camcorder Do I?
No need Alexander.
The camera has it's own charging port.
Exactly, so what is the purpose of the charging port on the adapter if you have one already on the camera?
The charging port on the adapter is for charging the adapter.
Do I need to charge the adapter too?
That is correct!
Sorry do you mean the adapter has its own battery which needs to be charged?
Yes it is.
Could you copy and past here the line from the manual which says that and how long it needs to be charged and how do I know it is discharged

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

I have the same Sony mic and use it for motovlogs.  At low speeds it works fine but as you pickup speed (and I assume sounds increases as well) the mic starts to pop and crackle.  I have used it before with my Hero Silver 4 and it never had issues.  Others have had the same issue:  Its a shame too cause the mic was great.  Any chance someone from Gopro can look into this?

When I did some Motovlog testing with my new GoPro Hero 5 Black, I got back home afterward and viewed the video files. There was an annoying and random poppi...
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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Well thats news to me. As far as i knew i never had to charge my adaptor. My biggest problem with the adaptor is the lead is so short i can only self adhesive velcro it to the camera cage, case. The material the adaptor is made of will not take any kind of adhesives to. So after a few miles of riding the adaptor falls to the side of my helmet. Short of using usightly tywrap or an extension lead i know of no solution. Definately would not have bought the hero5 session had i known you could not bluetooth a mic to it. If it starts to rain i have to pull up & remove it. Absolute rubbish. 

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 External Mic Solution FOUND! Having Trouble Recording With External Mic? READ THIS!

Hey bud, 


Some effort writing that, fair play. You know what the most annoying thing is? When the Hero 5 first came out, the one click record used to work everytime, but I can't find a link for the original firmware so I too have to use the method you wrote.


Also, my first mic that I used was the Sony CS-3 mike that you have recommended but at speeds over 60mph, the Mic used to click and make funny noises, do you not get that issue?