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GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera Rear Screen not working

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The camera is one I borrowed from my company to try and get used to for some future filming. I'm new to GoPro cameras so was playing around with the features and how to extract the battery and SD card. Unfortunately, I accidentally managed to put the SD card between the battery housing and the SD card slot and thinking it was in the correct position and pushed it down. This wedged the card deep into the housing and made it impossible to remove. I cannot even see the SD card. I did try getting tweezers into the gap to try and remove it, and I also prized the metal battery housing open a bit without success to make more space to remove the card.


The issue now is that I think I have damaged the connection to the LCD screen because when I switch the camera on, I get a blank screen.


Please can you advise on what to do?


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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera Rear Screen not working

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Between the bat & slot is a ribbon cable, most sure when you forced in you  dislodged it..


I am not sure if you were paying attention, to how the card goes in,  andshould have stopped then continued.  No one is blaming anyone here.  iget with, you are going to need

the bill of sale

the date of purchase

a photo

if a plus pkg was bout you  should be covered.


Warranty is only good for the region you are at 1-2 years


No reciept  they won't warranty at all, Wear-n-tear, negligence and accedental damages are not covered. all this can be read at the warranty page.


Keep the site posted most don't.



Let us know what their Options are 40% off retail.

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Re: GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera Rear Screen not working

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The camera is not covered as it is out of warranty; they gave me a 25% off discount code on a new Hero 8 Black.