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GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, Freezing


I have owned the Hero 4 Black GoPro for quite a while now, however I've used it only briefly during a winter season spell of 3 months during which I began to notice issues with it freezing during recording, at first I believed it to be just weather related even whilst being in the waterproof housing so put it to one side until I returned home to less extreme weather. After much frustration trying to resolve the issue myself initially after my winter season I put it to one side and a year or maybe even two later i've well and truly grown fed up of having an expensive paper weight and really want to use the device again.

I appreciate that this issue has come up a number of times and rest assured I have tried the majority of them, including the specifics from GoPro. After I let the warranty lapse I felt perhaps all has ended but before I consider binning it I had hoped to perhaps get some advice from here and hopefully see myself able to use it once again.

Issue : GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition freezing instantly upon boot up, with or without the SD Card timing makes no difference.
However, if I quickly press the mode button upon load up it will perhaps move to a option but then freeze.

Okay so I have updated my SD Card to which I am using the 64Gb Sandisk Extreme card to which to my knowledge is compatiable with the device. Now whilst the update is on there even when booting up it just freezes, whether it is plugged into the PC or not. I can't even get the device to stay active long enough to be recognised on the computer whether it be Mac or PC.

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Re: GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, Freezing

Hi @thedcblog,


If you are still running into some issues check out this article:


If you are still experiencing some issues after that then reach out to our support team directly and they should be able to help you out:




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Re: GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, Freezing

Hello @ryanv12566,

I am greatful for you reply, however unfortunatelly I did manage to find this article prior to putting this post up, after running throught the process once again to ensure I didn't miss anything it would appear as though the device persists to have the same issue.

After having a conversation with someone from GoPro Support due to the fact that the device is out of warranty the only thing they are able to offer is a 20% Code upon the arrival of my defective device to their warehouse. To which it would appear as though they do absolutely no repair work to devices and simply replace defective products with new if in warranty, after trying to source a means of repairing an Out-of-Warranty device.

Don't get me wrong, a 20% Code is nice when you take into account the fact it's past the warranty, to which that is my own mistake for letting it lapse prior to resolving the issue. Whilst had I of been using the device regularly throughout that entire period i'd probably be happy to walk away with a 20% discount. However, the fact that I know first hand how much usage the device has had, or in this case how little. It leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth, especially when my only alternative from GoPro is to buy a new device and get 20% off that value. After reading across the forums here and also other sources online I can see that people are also reporting similar issues with the Hero 5, it seems absolutely insane to me to return a defective device, get a code, buy a new device and then if that device ends up to be a defective product with the same issue I can quite honestly say that all trust in GoPro would be lost. Which is disappointing as I had a lot of respect for the company and it is why I originally invested in their product in the first place.

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Re: GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, Freezing

Sorry to hear you're dealing wit ha faulty camera  that you let go while only having  a shor ttime of use and years later.  If you would hvae gotten to gopro at the very beginning you would have had a new unit, and may have  updated t oa Hero 5 black and  be a sold customer?  WIth a 20% discount,  Think about what GoPro just did you to you:


They have  Trade  program  Any Hero black camera $100.00 off,  you paid about 400-500 for a  Hero 5 Black that will be about 20% off.

Amd they offered you exactly that, do you feel like  you been a Loyal Customer, to deserve 20% off, or more?


It's broken no, it's faulty yes, and I would get a Hero 4 session at $139.00 with a sdxc card on sale as that is what they go down to at times?   At $159.99  with a 20% discount $30.00 off is about $10.00 less then sale prices. they really got you either way you look at it.   I start negotiating a better deal with them, but again it was not gopro's fault, more yours for allowing it to go this far. I feel the pain, and I am on hte edge of letting my RMA  go because hearing all the issues  this Site has not many people do come here to gripe about bad services, they simply buy and go.   So a swelect few have  issues if asked.


I wish you the best, because you can discuss all you like and gopro will not talk any  firther about  it here they can only limite  and reach out to direct.


Did you at least reformat your sdxc card a full format first in a computer, then to the camera and factory reset?  I feel your bios, the internal memory is shot, and gopro  is not a Repair but aSales  center, why they do not offer  fixes. 


Again Sorry to hear,  hope you find a solution and keep the site posted.