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GoPro Hero 3+ Silver no longer working with app

I recently upgraded my iPhone and downloaded all of the apps I used with my old phone and can no longer get my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver to work at all with the app. I tried signing in with my email and password, tried setting it up as a new device (it did not recognize my serial number, the one inside the battery compartment nor the one in the text file of the memory card). I have followed all of the various advice posts on what to do in these situations, but because it doesn't recognize my serial number, I can't even do a reset on the device. 


Among my error messages:


"Incorrect password for network MikalsGoPro" -- I have tried my account password, network password, etc. and nothing works.

"Invalid serial number. Please try again" -- I have tried the serial number inside the battery compartment and the longer version inside the text file on the mini SD card; neither is recognized by the site. 


At this point I'm at a loss. I can't reset the password, can't reset the device and at this point don't know what options I have left. I appreciate any help you can provide. 



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Re: GoPro Hero 3+ Silver no longer working with app

Unfortunately you may need to contact customer support about this.  Your serial number should be 15 digits long and begin with the letter H...