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GoPro Hero 2018 mobile integration api



I am working on a mobile app which needs a camera to record and see livestream on the app. I have tried almost 5-6 action cams and could not get livestream from them.Recently i bought GoPro Hero 2018 and had a hard time figuring out api to work with. Thanks to opensource repositories on github which helped me to connect and get few things done like take a picture, record video, list media and download media.


One of the most important feature of the app is that i am building, is the ability for uers to connect cam and see livestream in there phone. I am having a hard time with this none of the soultions on internet worked so far and this support page is my last hope.


Can you please help me in integrating the livestream from cam to mobile app. If not i have to switch to another camera, which i dont what to do as i really like this camera. Please help me as i have only couple of day left for release.


This is very cretical to me as GoPro goes as a pakage to every customer who subscribs to the app that i am build. That is the reason why i am so worried.


Please help me.