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GoPro Hero 2

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I have owned and used a GoPro Hero2 extensively for many years.


My Asus laptop will no longer recognize the Gopro through the USB ports, I have tried other computers however none of the computers recognize the GoPro.

When the GoPro is connected the front screen displays a picture of a GoPro and displays V312. The red light on the front of the camera also flashes constantly.

I have searched the internet extensively and can only deduct that the Camera's boot-up firmware must be corrupted.

I appreciate the camera is old however it met my needs and has served me well.


May I ask, is there any way the Camera can be reflash/revived. Do you have anyone who could look at it for me in Australia?




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Re: GoPro Hero 2

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Hi @agilepeak2633


Sorry for any trouble caused. Our Support Team should be able to look into this.
Please submit a request for a callback through, or initiate a chat conversation with one of our representatives.