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GoPro HERO7 Black: safaris' shooting

Hi guys,
Could someone please help me solve a doubt I have? I'm about to leave for a trip in Uganda with my GoPro (HERO7 Black) and i don't know which settings are the best to make documentary shots during safaris.
I would like to record at the highest possible resolution (4k or 2.7k) because i want as much freedom as possible to experiment in post production (i will probably export all in a 1080p timeline). I would also like to record at 60fps (when possible) in order to have the chance to create slowmotion in complete freedom.
I don't know which setting is better between 4k60 and 2.7k60 because of the FOV: most of the shots will be made with animals, so I don't know if the "WIDE" FOV of 4k will make the animals appear too small. it's better 2.7k with "LINEAR" FOV?
I know that, in post production, if i'll export to a 1080p timeline i will be able to enlarge the frame: Will i have the best result reframing the 4k wide or the 2.7k linear to 1080p?For landscapes shooting I won't have this kind of problems so I will opt for the 4k60 wide, is that ok?
In conclusion, what would you do in my place for a safari shoots with a GoPro Hero7 black? I would like to know your opinion because different points of view are important to arrive at the right choice of settings!
Thank you in advance to all of you for your answers!
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Re: GoPro HERO7 Black: safaris' shooting

If it is a once in a Lifetime  trip.  I get a real camera. rent or buy one, know the setings in advance what you  want and have a great trip:  I go 2K760F Linear and post.  with a  Point-n-shoot with Optical zoom.



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Re: GoPro HERO7 Black: safaris' shooting

Hi @barbalenzio 


I suggest you begin to make some tests with your pets at far distance.


Try "4k60 Wide + post-prod lens correction and cropping" and compare with "2.7k60 Linear" footage.