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GoPro HERO not turning on after being in water

I just purchased a GoPro HERO from you guys about a month ago and it's been great. I've taken it under water multiple times and nothing bad has happened. But recently I took it underwater and the "compartment" to plug in the battery and sd card got opened and water got into it. I didn't think there was any damage to it and i went off to camp for a week. When I came back my gopro wasn't working and there were drops of water on the battery when I took it out. We bought another battery for it today and the SD card is working (I plugged it into my computer and it worked) although the camera still isn't turning on. I'm afraid there was water damage inside the camera and i don't think there's anything I can do. I've already seen like a million YouTube videos on how to turn it on but none of them have worked. I'd like to know a definite solution for my GoPro or if you guys replace it. I'm going on vacation soon and would like to have a replacement or my original camera before mid-July. Thanks anyways!!

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Re: GoPro HERO not turning on after being in water

this is a Forum. go call gopro. they got a phone number in the contact us.  July is  2-3 days away they do not repair camera's they replace in a timely manner and I say three weeks is  goign to be that.   also   gopro is not covered for water damage  read tehir warranty if you can not understand it ask some one to hel pyou understand it like a Moderator  here


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Re: GoPro HERO not turning on after being in water


Hi @spirybeach16512



@fishycomics is right. You should get in touch with a GoPro Customer Support Representative. 

You can contact them via phone or chat.