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GoPro HERO 8 black is turning on and off by itself

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Im having an issue with my gopro hero 8 black.

When i insert the battery it automatically turns on and then it turns off five seconds later. This process probably repeats till the battery is empty.

I tried the hero 5 and hero 7 original battery and the same issue appeared. I also tried three different sd cards (Lexar 1000x 32GB, Samsung extreme PLUS 64GB and the Samsung extreme pro 64GB) My last hope was to update the camera manually, but this did not work either.

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Re: GoPro HERO 8 black is turning on and off by itself

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Sorry to know that @robinder,


The camera shouldn't be doing that. 

If you already updated it and it is still doing the same thing, it would be best to get in touch with GoPro Customer Support Representative.

You may contact them via phone or chat: