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GoPro HERO 4 Session Keep Restarting and also Odd Log Files on SD Card

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This is a reply to boldpeak0271 "GoPto Session 4 kreps restarting" However I cannot reply to their original message from about a year ago. 


I am having the same issues as well with my GoPro HERO 4 Session. I bought a “parts only” GoPro from eBay recently to tinker with, and have not been able to get it to record or view a preview through the app. Perhaps it is a hardware related issue?

I am able to turn the GoPro on with the info button and select the different settings in the menu. When I try to record or take a picture the GoPro would start to automatically switch on and off, sometimes saying No SD Card and then recognizing the sd card again while constantly rebooting. I am trying to figure out why it wont record, why in the app it says "camera off," and why it will only stay connected to the app for about 10 seconds.


To stop it from rebooting, I would have to hold down the top Record button for about 8 seconds. Sometimes this would not work, and I would have to interrupt the reboot by pressing the back Info button in the few seconds while it was off. Sometimes for some reason this would stop the reboot loop and bring me back to the menu.


Trying the GoPro Remote 1.0 the same thing would happen, the GoPro would go in to a reboot loop after being connected for a few seconds. During another attempt I kept pressing the mode button on the remote to see if the GoPro would go to the menu. I was able to successfully see the menu, and the GoPro would stay connected to the remote until I pressed the record button. Then it went back to a reboot loop.  


Initially I was unable to reset the wifi to see if I can preview the video through the app. When holding down the Info/wifi button for 8 seconds, I would get the message to select Yes or No to reset the wifi. However, when I clicked the Info button, the GoPro would not select Yes. It was frozen. I manually reinstalled the firmware, however that did not fix the problem.


You can find the instructions and download for the GoPro Hero 4 Session/Session on the GoPro website


When moving the firmware to the sd card on my computer, I noticed files I have not seen on other GoPro sd cards before. There was the DCIM folder, MISC folder, and then data_analytics BIN file, dsp_pv log, dsp1 log, dsp2 log, Get_started_with_GoPro shortcut, vin_info_dump log, vin_info_dump_parse log, vin_irq_1 log, and inside the DCIM folder was a dsp log file.


These files came back after each format and firmware reinstall after being in the GoPro.  


What allowed me to change the wifi was a factory reset by putting files on to an SD Card. You can Google or YouTube search Raf Vargas - Inland Yaker Kayak Fishing “How to reset GoPro 4 Session back to factory settings.


This page also mentions the process.


Now I was able to connect the GoPro to the app, but for only about 10 seconds before it disconnects. When trying to see if video works, the app would say “Camera off” then disconnect and go in to the reboot loop again. However, when I pressed the Record button on the GoPro to stop the reboot loop the GoPro would show the record timer, and show that it was recording but only up to 3 – 5 seconds. After I got it to stop rebooting I checked the SD Card however there was no video file.  I did notice that the dsp1 and dsp2 log files were larger. I am able to change the settings through the app though in the few seconds I am connected.  


I attached a screenshot of the file that was in the DCIM folder. 

GoPro Hero 4 Session SD Card Files.jpg