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GoPro Fusion or GoPro 7 Black

Hello guys. I want to buy GoPro but I’m hesitating about models. I was thinking about GoPro 7 black or GoPro Fusion. Which will be the best for shooting extreme videos and vlogs ? I will be very thankful for any responses. 



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Re: GoPro Fusion or GoPro 7 Black


Hi @ruslanpilipyuk,


It would be best to get GoPro HERO7 Black. 


Fusion is for Advanced stuff and it would take a lot of effort if you'll use it for vlogs.




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Re: GoPro Fusion or GoPro 7 Black

Fusion & the Hero 7 are completely different camera's, the Fusion is quite a bit bigger & more vulnerable than a normal model

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Re: GoPro Fusion or GoPro 7 Black

HERO7 Black is an action camera. Since you emphasized "extreme" videos, there really is no other choice. 360 cameras are fun, if you have the right editing system (AKA monster computer), but for truly great video and extreme durability, go with the HERO7 Black.
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Re: GoPro Fusion or GoPro 7 Black

I love shooting in 360 degree's, it's great to be able to reframe shots in Post Production and not miss any of the action.  Having said that, you do need to invest in more expensive hardware to fully edit the video's and it does take a lot of time to put them together too.  Plus I've found that some 360 shots are great but most of the time I reframe into a standard 1080 fixed field of view so viewers don't get dizzy.  The Fusion is good for emulating a multicamera setup, but at the end of the day, a multi camera setup might be cheaper than the finished cost of 360 production (and it's going to be easier and quicker to edit).