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GoPro Fusion is dead :(

Fusion does not turn on anymore Smiley Sad

Hi guys,

I followed every step of the article linked here, but the Fusion does not turn on anymore Smiley Frustrated

My vacation starts in 2 weeks and I want to take the Fusion with me.

How and where can I get it fixed/exchanged quickly?

I bought it via the gopro online shop.


Kind regards



PS: I am living in Germany and received the Fusion from the Netherlands (at least thats whats the adress in the invoice says).

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Re: GoPro Fusion is dead :(


Hi @oliverl802


We appreciate your efforts int trying to troubleshoot the issue.

Our Support Team should be able to provide you with the best options to ensure you'll have a working camera to use on your vacation.

Please reach out to them via phone or chat. 

Their opening hours are listed on this link.




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Re: GoPro Fusion is dead :(

Hi @aragon1006,


thank you for your fast reply!


Sadly I am very disappointed in the customer service.

On Monday morning right at opening hours I needed 5 attempts to get through to somebody on the customer service hotline.

He opened a ticket for me, send me a mail with a link, where I had to upload my invoice as well as a picture of the fusion connected to power (LED visible so they can see for themselves that it is not working) - as if I wanted to send in a working fusion ;)

After I provided them with these 2 files, I got another email. Now I should give them my current shipping adress as well as the serialnumber of the fusion.

I followed the link - provided in the email - and entered my current adress and hit save. Sadly there was no field where I could enter the serialnumber.

All of that had been done Monday before lunch.

Today around lunch time I have not heard back anything, I thought I might answer the email and send my serialnumber this way.

Immediately I received the answer that they did not receive my email and I should use the hotline or chat function for further communication (incl. my case#).

I tried the hotline first. I had to press 1 (english) or 2 (continue in german). Then I had 3 choices, no matter which one I took, the options were repeated and I never got connected! Smiley Mad

After the seventh attempt and continue working inbetween (because I got better things to do than to wait for a working hotline) I tried the chat function.

Saldy I could never be connected since all members are with customers already. After several tries (and the end of their working hours) I gave up.


The best part is that GoPro already has all the data it needs from me!

I am registered with my emailadress - to which you send me the links to fill out forms - at gopro and my fusion is listed with its serial number.

As I told the guy at the phone from the beginning I bought it at gopro directly. You already have the invoice - I got it from you.

On the invoice is the adress - in this case my workadress not my private one, which does not matter to me, because I do not care from where I send it to you or receive the new/repaired fusion.


To me that is poor customer care!



And Aragon, sorry for putting it all on you, but you are the only person I seem to able to reach.

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Re: GoPro Fusion is dead :(


Hi @oliverl802


I'd love to personally handle your case, however here in the Community Support Hub we don't have access to the cases created with the Support Team.

Apologies for the experience in reaching out to them.

To move forward with this concern, please follow up on your case with our Support Team.

They should be able to work on your case.