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GoPro Fusion and Galaxy S8 with Exynos

Hey There,


i can connect the Fusion ( newest Update ) to my Galaxy S8. Sadly the Live view doesnt work... anyway the finished video i stitch on my Laptop  ( i7, 32GB Ram and Geforce 1060 )


works fine. I want a 5.2k Output.

Sadly when i transfer the Output to my Smartphone i cant watch the Video ( remember its an S8 )


There is no VR Player that is able to play the mov Files. And i dont want it to be 4k. With my Yi 360 5.7k works aswell on most VR Players.


Okay now the Question i have:


What Player do i need to use to watch the 5.2k 360 Videos on my Android Smartphone? The GoPro VR App Auto crashs on my S8 with newest Update ( Android Oreo )


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance




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Re: GoPro Fusion and Galaxy S8 with Exynos

Hello Marius,


who is stony500?



well anyway thanks for the copied reply 5 days later...


i sent the GoPro back. I dont want a unfinished product for 750 € since there are working products from 300-750€.



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Re: GoPro Fusion and Galaxy S8 with Exynos

Hi Marisustanya


I use the GoPro App. Have been through both links below - nothing that will solve the issue. However I repeated for 30min to re-search for networks and after 1/2 an hour I actually succeded in getting my network displayed and connected. After that it works fine. 


But for sure this is not accetable for an highend product...


Do not dear to try it again...


Cheers, Steen

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Re: GoPro Fusion and Galaxy S8 with Exynos

Hello @pictainment

I apologize for the confusion. The reply posted was not intended for the thread that you opened. Sorry to hear about the camera, too. There was a recently-released update for the GoPro App to cater to Fusion for Android devices. However, due to the nature of the OS, it is extremely difficult to make sure that the app will work flawlessly on every device. 


Hi @stony500,

Thank you for going through the steps as suggested. Should you encounter anymore trouble, feel free to reach out to our Support team for further assistance. You can connect with them through


Best regards,