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GoPro Fusion Sun Rays Stitch Problem

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I noticed a weired problem when recording a video with fusion and the sun is located on the stitch line. If sun rays hit the edge of the front lens, the stitch line of the front lens become blurry while the edge of the back lens is clear and sharp. hence, a visible weird stitch line!

The same happens when the sun hit the back lens on the edge but not the front one, this time the stitch line of the back lens become blurry while the front is sharp. Please find attached.


Any advice? Lenses are clean. Fusion version is the latest 1.80

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Re: GoPro Fusion Sun Rays Stitch Problem

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Hi @foggycave5238


I think we can't avoid that for now since the camera has a gap between two lenses. 


Don't know if a software tweak can handle that. 


You can check this.



Anyway on your situation it's not a solid object. It's light hitting only one lens. 


You can submit a suggestion/feedback to our engineering/dev team though:



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