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GoPro Fusion Spatial Audio Premiere Pro Editing Guide

Hi team, wow, my first question ever, be gentle! 


Call me nuts, but I cannot seem to find a to the point, non-waffle, content-rich, patronising-poor guide as to how to edit CinePro Fusion clips within Premiere Pro with GoPro VR plugins, without screwing up the spatial video. 


I took a few shots that are important to me, and I would like to adjust horizon and roll in the premiere app, including its view direction, and that means that the audio has to be adjusted, too. But how? Please someone send me a link as to how that is done. My search only results in teenager attempts to turn their skateboard flip into an immersive experience. 


Thank you so much, and have a great day. 

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Re: GoPro Fusion Spatial Audio Premiere Pro Editing Guide

The simplest and quickest way would be to import the file into Premier Pro, rotate to the angle that you want using the reframe pluggin, then select the audio track you want to dominant in the clip and increase the DB level (while decreasing the other levels).  


If the shot you want doesn't need to have active panning or zooms, then you could also go back into Fusion studio and export the clip as an over capture shot, that way GoPro Fusion Studio would automatically select the proper audio channel you want as determined by the POV and then just export the clip.


Good point about the researching of the clips, I don't think I've seen anyone give a tutorial on the audio aspects of reframing, but since it's a question regarding Premier Pro, you should also search their forums for a tutorial.  Technically since you should get seperate audio tracks when you import your 360 spatial sound clip, you just need to boost the one you want.  Use keyframes to gradually increase the sound across the clip so it's not too sudden.  

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Re: GoPro Fusion Spatial Audio Premiere Pro Editing Guide

Hi All!


Im a GoPro Max owner since yesterday and i was hopfully looking forward to do my 360° Videos with spatial Audio. 

Yesterday I thougnt it´s not possible, but now i´ve seen that there´s a lot of discussion about this..


So how to do this with my Max files??  


Why isn´t it standard when exporting the videos. I´ve seen the Options in the export field but these are not available...


Regards, Mario



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