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Re: GoPro Fusion - Rendering times / different CPUs / GPUs

Does anybody have some sample files straight off the camera? I am thinking of getting Fusion and have a beefy 2017 iMac. Would love to give it a try.

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Re: GoPro Fusion - Rendering times / different CPUs / GPUs

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@christophp088 This may help. There is also some test footage there

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Re: GoPro Fusion - Rendering times / different CPUs / GPUs

@christophp088 your post made me smirk, even new IMacs hardware are above average at best. We use them in the office, but only f or Photo edits, not video.
A 3k IMac easily get beaten by a 1k custom rig, however if you spend the same on the custom rig like the IMac, you get a true beast.
I guess people like the way it looks, if thats worth your money? Also, they don't last very long, about 3-4 years (in commercial heavy use) and then you end up having to chuck the whole thing  despite the perfectly good 5K screen still working. A desktop you replace the computer, not the screen, that itself saves you 1k.


We are dealing with 5.2K footage now, plus the large cineform codecs. Those macs will have a hard time keeping up. If you don't have at least an I7, dont even bother unless you enjoy watching paint dry.
I hope those owners won't mind waiting long for results, I am impatient... and time is money.


To see how your machine might do, have a look at the following benchmarks: