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GoPro Fusion Plugin for OPENFX



I am about to receive my GoPro Fusion, from what I read there is Gopro Fusion Studio (I used Gopro Studio for some years now) as well as plugins for Premier and After Effects.


I wanted to ask wether these plugins are based on OpenFX and can therefore be used in Davinci Resolve for Win ?

I am a professional Producer and consultant for various companies, I use all sorts of cameras and gear to produce content for tourism, retail and products.

I am not sure yet how well GoPro Fusion Studio is able to allow videos to be edited, allowing for overcapture to be keyframed etc. I assume this would be done in After Effects/Premier using the plugins.

I use Davinci Resolve for its color correction capabilities, which far outmatch those of Premier, FCPX etc.


If you made the plugins OPENFX compatabile, then users like myself could use such high end software to produce phenomenal results using the GoPro Fusion.


At the moment it appears my workflow would look as followed:


Fusion Camera Export > GoPro Fusion Studio > After Effects > Davinci Resolve > Premier


I would like to be able to export hand picked videos from Fusion Studio straight into Davinci for color correction/camera programming, then export for final mastering, this would be great.


I worked with GoPros for some years (for some particular things) and can produce great results in Davinci Resolve, like these:






These are screenshots taken from Video recorded with the GoPro Hero 4 Black, removed fish eye and color corrected in Davinci Resolve, added fully 3d tracked sun flare for added cinematic look.

Considering this is the result from editing footage from the 3 year old hero 4, imagine the results with the new fusion.

Davinci Resolve is much more capable than FCPX or similar software, If you want people to be 'WOWed' by the Fusion's cabapilities, I would urge you to focus on getting support for proper high end software up and running. Footage produced in those will make people want to buy the Fusion even more once they see epic edits similar, yet much better than the above.

In our office we have the 2D graphic designers work with IMACS but high end video production is done on WIN PC machines, custom designed and build as they typically have 3-4 times the horsepower compared to a similar priced mac. We don't like waiting for editing results.


Any idea whether GoPro Fusion Plugins will be available for OpenFX, Davinci Resolve? 

I hope Gopro Fusion Studio will be updated a lot moving forward to, from reading this forum it appears the software is still in need of development.


Thank you for your time all.

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Re: GoPro Fusion Plugin for OPENFX

I second this. I hope its available for Resolve....pLEASE!

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Re: GoPro Fusion Plugin for OPENFX

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This needs to be a priority. For those of us unwilling to pay the Adobe annual tax, Davinci Resolve is a fantastic package that is available to all. The GoPro Fusion is the future of GoPro. Please don't shut-out large portions of your customer base.