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GoPro Fusion Investment

I'm a GoPro fan. Multiple cameras and drones. I know this forum can not provide a defintive answer, but all the internet posts that I see is that GoPro is history. I would love to buy the Fusion, but it the company is in the financial shape that is being shown, I don't think I would invest in Fusion. Convince me I'm wrong.

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Re: GoPro Fusion Investment

“Despite the negative cloud, we see GoPro as closer than ever to achieving its ultimate vision since IPO: to be a maker of high-quality capture products, with an accompanying app software that both maximizes hardware potential and simplifies the content creation process,” Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz
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Re: GoPro Fusion Investment

what are you expecting from your "investment" in a Fusion. If your hoping that one day it'll be worth double the rrp, then i'm afraid thats never going to happen. Fusion has already been repackaged & ready to be put on main stream sale. If you want a brilliant camera to enjoy while adding to your collection, you can't lose

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