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GoPro Fusion Image Quality 18MP is real ???!!

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Hi All, 


It is already 2 weeks that I am working and playing with my new Gopro Fusion. I took a lot of photo using different settings and also I export photos using Android App and Fusion Studio. But the quality of Image that I can receive is far from 18Mp.!!!!!!!!!! 


In all photos, you can not even Zoom-in double times in a good quality, so I don't believe that is a !!!!!!!!!!!!


Am I right, or there is a trick or some special configuration/setting in using the camera???!!!!!!


To compare, I have just uploaded 2 photos from the same distance of my monitor. 


1- with Google Pixle1 Camera(12.5Mp)


Google Pixel


2-Gopro Fusion (18Mp) ??????!!!!!!!!


Gopro Photo

( I hope this uploader does not compress the photos. with google pixel I can zoom in a few times and read all texts on monitor and bottle, but with Gopro it is totally disappointing. just try to download and test) 


I am totally disappointed.


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Re: GoPro Fusion Image Quality 18MP is real ???!!

Fusion says on the LCD front screen what resolution it is taking the picture in, but 18mp over a 360degree picture will be alot worse quality than one with a 120 fov (field of view) as the pixels are in a smaller frame

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Re: GoPro Fusion Image Quality 18MP is real ???!!

As you can see on your pictures you store lot more information in the same resolution with the fusion. Of course it can´t be as sharp. Plus you need to remember everything in the fusion is calculated from an fisheye photo. If you look at the original shots you´ll notice that the edges aren´t that sharp, so the original image information is already sort of smudged.Sharper 360° recordings need more than two lenses = much more expensive cameras.