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GoPro Friendly Amusement Parks

Hi Everyone,


I'm a coaster enthusist and love filming on roller coasters, but a lot of parks right now do not allow GoPros and other hands free devices on their rides for safety, copyright, etc.  My ultimate goal is to educate parks, camera manufaturers, and thrill seekers like mself that GoPros are perfectly safe in order to create an on ride GoPro friendly policy.  As of now the Busch Gardens franchise, traveling carnivals, and Knobles are the only places I know of that allow them.  There may be others, but all the major parks right now do not.


I have recently started a GoPro Coaster Enthusist blog that discuess everything GoPro related in regards to thrill rides, but with the emphasis on safety.  I am doing some research and am desperately trying to work with GoPro and the parks so that this dream can become a reality.  If anyone has any contacts in the amusment ride industry and or GoPro that I can talk to about this, please let me know.  I have lots of creative ideas to making GoPros more marketable in the amusment ride industry.

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Re: GoPro Friendly Amusement Parks

Hi @texasgopro


Thanks for sharing!

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