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GoPro FX Reframe and Media Encoder — Fail to Export ANY Video

I am happy that GoPro is continuing the development for GoPro FX Reframe and other tools for us MAX Shooters. However, I just found a major issue with Premiere Pro / Media Encoder:


I wasn't able to export any kind of video with Media Encoder with any kind of effects (whether using the FX Reframe or not didn't even matter). Any export failed if done through Adobe Media Encoder.


The solution for me was that I had to remove the GoPro FX Reframe Plugin from the Plugin directory completely. Then the export of my non-360 projects also worked.


Note: Exporting directly inside Premiere Pro worked like normal. This is most likely because the FX Reframe plugin has issues with Dynamic Link of some sort.


Figuring this out took me almost half a day to finally be able to export my video and client projects again.


I hope GoPro can figure this out and make it so that the plugin does not kill the Dynamic Link exporting with Media Encoder — and ideally work even when exporting 360 reframed projects with Adobe Media Encoder.


Versions Used:


Premiere Pro: 21.1.1

Media Encoder: 14.0.4

GoPro FX Reframe: v1.1.0.115


Thanks 🌸,


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Re: GoPro FX Reframe and Media Encoder — Fail to Export ANY Video

@chrisspiegl, thanks for reaching out. You may try the FX Reframe Beta to see if it'll make any difference. Check out this thread for more details:

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Re: GoPro FX Reframe and Media Encoder — Fail to Export ANY Video

I tested GoPro FX Reframe Beta version and the problem persisted.

I tried again with the same sequence exporting through Media Encoder, once without any plugins in the plugin directory, once with GoPro FX Reframe Beta — export with the beta in the folder didn't work, without it, it worked.


NOTE: I did force Media Encoder in both cases to use Dynamic Link by disabling the setting "Preference -> General -> Import sequences natively" since only then the plugin folder is loaded. This is to emulate the effect of using audio VST3 effects and so on.