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GoPro FX Reframe Exception in Adobe Premiere

Hello, everytime I close Adobe Premiere 2020 and reopen it, whatever project I was working on that contains the GoPro FX plugin ceases  to function.




1. Make a new Premiere project, import some video, make a sequence, apply GoPro Reframe

2. Everything works, add some keyframes etc, close the project, and quit Premiere

3. Reopen Premiere and reopen the project

Result: See attachments. Premiere reports "a low level exception occurred". The video no longer displays.


I have tried all of the typical workarounds. Changing prefs between Metal/OpenCL, deleting cache files, etc.


I found a YouTuber who posted a workaround of first creating a new empy project everytime you re-open Premiere, then re-open your existing project, and it works again. I tried this, but then Premiere crashed.


So, I'm dead in the water here. I'm surprised that a fatal bug like this has been around for so long and is still not fixed. Is it another COVID19 debacle? Are developers furloughed? Can we expect any relief soon?

ScreenShot 2020-07-08 at 8.16.29 AM.jpg
In this video, you will get an ERROR SOLUTION from the GoPro FX Reframe plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. ERROR SOLUTION for A low-level exception occurred ...
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Re: GoPro FX Reframe Exception in Adobe Premiere

No love on this topic, huh?


MacOS 10.15.5

Adobe Premiere CC 2020