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GoPro App in Samsung says "NO MEDIA YET"?

Another issue again for me that even chat support cannot solve... Smiley Mad


I'm having an intermittent issue of not able to see the contents of my SDCard. I'm using a Samsung Evo PLUS 32GB (U1 1080P) 128GB (U3 4K) Micro SD Card. If I try it like closing, turning off my GoPro, closing all my apps in Samsung S9 +, I can get lucky and see the contents of the card but most of the time it just says 'No Media..." when I pair them.


How can I remedy this..

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Re: GoPro App in Samsung says "NO MEDIA YET"?

@marvinh80405 - Are you able to see the content if you watch it on your GoPro or if you move the files to your computer? Trying to figure out if it's an issue with the camera, SD card, or the connection with the app.



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Re: GoPro App in Samsung says "NO MEDIA YET"?

@jefft thanks for the response.

I can definitely see the contents of the SCcard if I plug it in my iMac using SDcard reader. And yes.. I can watch my videos to my GoPro.

I had to repeatedly close the GoPro App and also my background tasks in my Samsung S9 + before I can successful achieve a successful connection.