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GoPro Android app says incompatible after uninstalling

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As the title says, I foolishly uninstalled the app from my phone and I can't reinstall it because of the "Your device isn't compatible with this version" bug/error. I had been using the gopro app on my phone since I got the camera many months ago.


Phone: Moto E4

Android version: 7.1.1


I found this thread:

but the solution is terrible because it involves installing from a 3rd party app store.


[Update: Installed gopro app v6.2.2 from aptoide but it is unable to connect to the camera]


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Re: GoPro Android app says incompatible after uninstalling

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This is an issue created by Google.  They insist that new versions of apps be compatible with the latest version of Android.  As a result they don't allow old versions of apps to be listed.


This is why you need to find an older version of the app from a 3rd party online.  I would suggest you look for app version 5.0 APK as later versions won't work with your old version of android.

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Re: GoPro Android app says incompatible after uninstalling

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Thank you, I already attempted this once and failed. But I spent another hour hunting for a previous version and got one that finally works, 5.2.1 (7835), with the latest GoPro 7 black firmware.


By the way, how do I know if and when GoPro updates their app to make it compatible with Android 7.1.1?


"They insist that new versions of apps be compatible with the latest version of Android."

How is this done, by a simple version check or some inspection of the app? If it is the former, there is a simple fix and Google is not responsible, GoPro is.


Or, are you saying there is a bug in the Google App Store that misidentifies versions of apps and/or Android and blocks all apps that are actually compatible? Then the culprit is Google.


Or are you saying that Google requires all apps to be code-compatible with the version is running on the phone, including the latest? Then it is the burden of GoPro to ensure an update to their app is ready on Google's update schedule, before they commit resources to developing new cameras.


It is not unreasonable for GoPro to know about all of Google's requirements and find a workaround since GoPro are supposed to be professional, expert developers of Android apps.


Google has the goal and responsibility to create a secure software environment. Requiring developers to meet certain standards is key to doing that. It was GoPro that choose to develop for Google's OS, therefore it is GoPro that must comply with all rules and standards of Google.


On the other hand, it seems like a big issue with Android that it allow that situation to happen in the first place, where uninstalling an app will prevent it from being reinstalled because of an OS update.