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Re: GoPro 9 - black screen - freezing issues

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Sad to hear. Before the last update I had huge problems with the camera freezing regularly. Using Hindsight was almost impossible. But after the last SW-update it has worked flawless.
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Rif.: GoPro 9 - black screen - freezing issues

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ciao,  anche un mio amicoa cui è arrivata 2 giorni fa ha gli stessi problemi. Lui ha la versione firmware 6.1 mentre io non ho nessun problema con la versione 1.52. Oltre tutto non so perchè ma a me non da nessun aggiornamento da fare che a questo punto, visto i problemi non faccio. 

Oltre tutto non credo sia questione di scheda sd perchè il mio amico ha preso (dal sito go-po) il kit con sd inclusa che sicuramente è compatibile al 100%

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Re: GoPro 9 - black screen - freezing issues

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i have the same issue with my GoPro hero 9.

when i record at 4k/60fps the screen gets crazy..... 

this started the day i update the camera......

@mariustanya  ha escrito:

This is not an experience that we would like you to have, @marcoch19080. Since the issue persists, it would be best to continue working with Support and letting them know that the replacement still exhibits the same issue. 


To connect with them, visit . Once there, select "Contact Us" and proceed with either chat or a callback request. Be sure to put in your best contact number. 


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Re: GoPro 9 - black screen - freezing issues

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Hello Everyone!


If you continue to get the same after running a manual update, the best path forward is to reach out to Support.

You may submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through
Please let them know of the troubleshooting steps taken.



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Re: GoPro 9 - black screen - freezing issues

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GoPro sucks, would never ever buy another GoPro. There are better and cheaper alternatives now and they works magically every single time.