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GoPro 9 Firmware 1.5 Update is a disaster

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So after I missed my entire Christmas day video as it had no audio whatsoever, the other day while making content for my YouTube channel after an hour of recording, I turned my Hero 9 on only to get a SD ERROR. No matter what I did, I could not get the SD card to read. My MacBook Pro could not read it all. So I accepted the files were gone and tried to format. Formating on the GoPro or MacBook would not allow the card to read. What a freaking mess!!!


Just now I reverted back to 1.22 as I used the camera for a couple of months on 1.22 with zero issues. Only time will tell, but 1.5 has definite issues. BEWARE!!!



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Re: GoPro 9 Firmware 1.5 Update is a disaster

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I reveretd back to 1.22 as well, and I shoot a lot in 1080p 60 FPS and had the infamous virticle line issue. I have not had tyhe audio pop/cracking issue that others have claimed... sofar. I just got my hero 9 a couple weeks ago, and the vertivle line mess was the onlu issuse I have really had. That issue is firmware related for sure, but apparently the audio pop/cracking issue is 'being looked into".

I have not had any interests in a GoPro until recently were I was limited on space for my bigger cameras with tripods. So  researched the Hero 9 and thought 'Maybe it's time to get one". Bought a bunch of accessories and a hard shell case for it. Kinda regret it. The drop to firmware 1.22 as been solid for me, but after reading through the topics here, I don't think I will be buying another GoPro anytime soon. I hope DJI or some other solid company release a solid competitor.


I understand that software updates take time to comb through all the details and info for, but the verticle line issue I had on the latest firmware was reported back as far as December 22nd with replies from Go Pro members saying "We are aware of the issue." You would think that a video camera with a major image flaw due to firmware would get a 'holy sh*t we need to get right on this and get it fixed like NOW" but I am starting to see the GoPro is pretty slow on the draw. I understand that Covid has put restrictions on things, but there are plenty of other popular companies I have delt with recently who have not had the customer service issues i have see people have with this company.

It's a shame. The hero 9 is a great unit.... when it works correctly.

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Re: GoPro 9 Firmware 1.5 Update is a disaster

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Echo your sentiment completely.

I might look in to downgrading back to 1.22 as I've had issues that I'm now aware have only consistently happening since upgrading to 1.5


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Re: GoPro 9 Firmware 1.5 Update is a disaster

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Hello Everyone!


The vertical line issue is being worked on by the team.

We'll post back once new information is available.


If you continue to get audio issues, please let our Support Team know.

You may submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through





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Re: GoPro 9 Firmware 1.5 Update is a disaster

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Ej, the audio issues are just a part of the issues with 1.5. What about the destroyed SD cards? What about the videos that have no sound at all? Why is this update even still GA'ed? These are not minor issues or small glitches. 


This is not acceptable to have such major bugs remain to be propogated like this. At the very least go back to the most stable firmware release publicly so the community is not having to run around and find people who kept 1.22 on hand. 



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Re: GoPro 9 Firmware 1.5 Update is a disaster

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Totally agree Kevin. However, if you do need to dwongrade, you can get the last firmware from my google drive account here:

And here are the instructions to install it.

Steps to rollback are the same as manually updating to a new firmware. You need to get access to a PC for this.

1. Remove the SD card from your camera, and insert it into your pc through some sort of micro SD card reader.

2. Using the Google Drive link above, download the 3 files to your computer. Create a new folder and name it "Update" (without the quotations).

3. Copy this new "Update" folder from your PC's hard drive to your GoPro's SD card in the main root directory. In other words, just open the SD card folder, and drag and drop the 'Update' folder to it.
4. Make sure YOUR CAMERA IS TURNED OFF, and insert the SD card back into the SD card slot on the camera.
5. Power on the camera, the update should start automatically.
6. When the update completes, the camera will reboot, and you will be back to firmware 1.22 and the verticle line issue should no longer be a problem.

A couple of things to think about with this... the latest firmware version is 1.5 and it added support for the following. Directly from the GoPro 9 firmware page:


Provides support for The Remote
Provides support for the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter
Improves HyperSmooth performance at cold temperatures
Offers faster wireless offloads to the GoPro app
Improves GPS lock and accuracy
Provides support for Live Streaming with the Max Lens Mod


Improvements to Scheduled Capture
General bug fixes and user interface improvements

By rolling back to version 1.22 you will lose the updates listed above. To me, this was not an issue. I would rather my video look correct then worry about the remote or Pro 3.5 adaptor, which I don't even have.